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One-Stop Solution for All Pool Products

The swimming pool is the perfect place for non-exhaustive workouts as well as relaxation and refreshment. However, the pool experience completely depends on the perfect condition of the pool. We, at Adhi Pools, stock a range of swimming pool products for our customers. Find everything at one place at a highly competitive rate.
With over 10 years of experience in dealing with swimming pool products for domestic and commercial pools set up across different locations and environmental conditions, we can provide the right and most accurate consulting service and help you pick the best products for your pool.

Swimming Pool Products We Offer
Astral Pool Filter
Astral Pool Sand
Astral Top Mounted Sand Filter
Astral Pool Algae Brush
Astral Pool Multiport Valve
Chlorine Tablet
Fairlocks Vacuum Head
HTH Chlorine Powder
Astral Pool Deep Net
Astral Pool Inlet
Astral Pool Leaf Net
Astral Pool Multiport Valve
Astral Pool Deep Net
Astral Pool Pump
Astral Pool Pump Top Cover
Astral Pool Sand Filter
Inlet Thread Type
Astral LED Pool Lights
LED Lights
Pool Test Kit
Astral Pool Silica Gravel
Astral Pool Straight Hand Rail
Astral Water Pool LED Lights
Drain with ABS Grille
Main Drain
Pent Air Pump
Pent Air Pump Belgium
Pool Algae Brush
Pool Vaccum Hose
Pool Vaccum Point
Round Type Main Drain
Sand Filter Components
Skimmer Basket
Skimmer Top Cover
SS Step Ladder
Swimming Pool Drain Plate
Swimming Pool Heat Pump
Swimming Pool Life Guard
Swimming Pool Life Jacket
Swimming Pool Pump
Telescopic Pole
Ticca Tablet
Underwater LED Light
Vaccum Head
Vaccum Point
Wall Inlet
Electro Water Heater
Benefits of Purchasing Products from Adhi Pools
  • Buy genuine products from authorized manufacturers
  • Multiple brands under one roof to help you compare features
  • Competitive pricing

In addition, we help you set up and install the product and take care of any repair and maintenance needs that arise post-installation. We offer amazing solutions in the shortest time.