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Quality Service for Residential & Commercial Pools

Keep your swimming pools in the perfect condition for a long period with high-quality equipment and trained professionals. At Adhi Pools, we specialise in delivering the best quality swimming pool service for all kinds of residential and commercial pools.
We have unmatched expertise and experience in the maintenance and repair of the swimming pools. If you are planning to buy a new home with a swimming pool, we can help with the inspection of the available pool. Thus, you can be sure of the worth of the property and take the right decision.
We offer the service at a reasonable rate. We first visit the place where the repair and replacement have to be conducted and thoroughly inspect to ascertain its condition. Thereafter, we provide you the actual estimate. We go the extra mile to make sure our clients have a clear understanding of best services for their swimming pool.

Our ONE-STOP Services
  • Projects – Design & build, upgrade design, State-of-the-art M&E System
  • Supply of Pool Pumps, Filters, Chemicals, LED lights and Accessories
  • Technical Support – Full Suite services, be it Underwater, water features, pump-rooms repairs, etc.
  • Pool Party Services – Affordable inflatable pool rental for all budgets
  • Control Panel Services – Design, fabricate & install
  • Safety Standards Control – Regular quality checks in our SOP
  • Water Consultancy and Training
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